This Pro-Assam approach together with our 5 guarantees pave the path to Assam’s progress

29 मार्च, 2021
31 474 वेळा पाहिला

Congress is fighting this election to safeguard the people, the culture, the language of the people of Assam.
This Pro-Assam approach together with our 5 guarantees pave the path to Assam’s progress and people are responding positively to it.

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  • Good good good brilliant ledar good good good man Rahul Gandhi family members protect all government all people help all

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  • Leader of New India!.... Bahut hi achchha vyakti.....Janta aage neta peechhe yeh mantra se hi chal rahe hai lagatar..... Na bhoot ka darr na bhavi ki chinta bas jee rahe keval vartman me !.....Aap ke bheetar rahe bhagwan ko koti koti naman.... Aap ka kalyan ho yehi bhav.... Aap ke ujjawal bhavi ke liye dil se prarthana.... Sab ka kalyan ho sab ka dukh tale sab rog mukt rahe!

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  • Support ur struggle time sir....oneday. U will be pm

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  • Implement Article 244A

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  • Oxom congress AAHOK

  • Rahul A smiling killer

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  • Rahul Gandhi jindabad

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  • Jai Hind!

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  • See how rahul is facing journalist how mature rahul bhAiya Dil Mai bus gye aap toh

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  • Satta Rahul Gandhi ko kmzor dikhati hai... Modi ko fayda pahunchane K ly

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  • Congress +100

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  • Rahul sir We are with you sir Because you are working for our nation Your family already dedicated their life and wealth for our nation You are also working without expectation Thank you sir

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  • Rahul tu pakora ka dukaan daal le

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  • Jai congress

  • I love u Congress Rahul ji jindabaad Assam jindabaad

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  • Pappu

  • Ek bada aur kardo chunav me #No nafrat

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  • Desh Jaharnum pe Ja raha hi par phir bhi 'Rahul Sir' is trying his level best par yahan pe bhi 'Bhakt Logo' ko Dislike marne se fursat nahi LMAO. Jao wo "Mitron" bolne wale ka Video dekho wohi tumhare liye sahi hai. "CONGRESS I JINDABAD, RAHUL GANDHI JINDABAD"... DESH BAHOT JHEL CHUKA HAI 2013 SE , BADE ACCHE DIN DEKH LIYE !!

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  • Wow sir..we need every week 1 interview. One more request sir..try to enjoy the, calm, etc.

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    • Sir you are responding more than the anchor questions.

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  • The times media is trying to praise BJP, which is totally hated party of Indian people, they are not winning the elections sincerely, by crookedness only, what happened in Karnataka, Goa, MP, Manipur, Pondicherry, every where they demolished people elected govt. They have thrown money or threaten with ED, CBI, etc. Times do you think this is democracy? Everywhere. EVM gottala. Even present election in WB Assam, you must have seen this, why election commissioner is mum on the points. All machineries are under BJP's custody. Is it you called democracy?. They are spreading hatredness among the people in India, dividing peoples in the name of castes etc. The fraternity among the people existed 7 years before is totally lost. What is condition today? So please go with truth, reality rather praising bhakwas, which is the real dharm of medias. I doubt you people also have been bought or threaten by BJP that the Godhi media is not coming with real issues. Sir, request to correct, and help our Democracy to be alive.

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  • RG is very confident in this इंटरव्यू Good

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  • Wow

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  • rahul ko to jitanahi hai. nahi to ye modi to kha dale ga

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  • anchor shocked after that pen demo he didn't even how to react and what to speak after the demo

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  • Modi Ka Success rate Chai Wala To 3 Time CM And 2 Time PM. Aur Hamara Papu Kya Bolta Hai Khud Kuch Samajh Nahi Pata Gandhi Nam Hote Hue Bhi Ye aj 10wi Pass Ke Layak Nahi Raha.

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  • Mr Pm must gv this type of interaction

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  • Good counter

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  • Lovely

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  • What Rahul Gandhi is saying is completely true!! Almost the entire middle class and poor people everywhere are ruined!! A huge number of offices, shops, restaurants & small businesses have closed down.... People are jobless, salaries have been slashed, many are surviving on loans taken from their slightly better-off friends!!! The situation is really bad!! There was not a single benefit given to the middle class people either during the year-long lockdown or in the recent Union Budget.... Who has been given the benefit of Rs.12 lakh crore announced last year by the FM?? People and the Media must ask these questions to the BJP!!

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  • Salute Sir

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  • My next pm Rahul Gandhi amazing speech!!

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  • Honest is the Honey 🍯Nest Graphics,

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  • Congress pati jinda bad

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  • Rahul gandi jinda bad

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  • Jai hoo Congress 💪💪 Jai hoo Rahul Gandhi 💪💪💪

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  • Pyar se nyay se hmara apt vakya

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  • This duffer can do everything,,, Changed Potatoes in Gold,,,

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  • पप्पी,,तू ने Congresd को विधवा कर दिया,,, डूब कर italy चला जा,,,

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  • Rahul jee is true leader next pm

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  • A leader has to be educated otherwise he will ruin the country..

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  • Rahul please talk to Jagan and ask for forgiveness, he will support you. he is like you.

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  • I dont support congress politics but i love this pure hearted educated leader

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  • next PM

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  • First time papu do interview.

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  • India is not about Religious Supremacy, India is about Religious Equality.... -RaGa

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  • Wonderful conversation. My best wishes are always with you and with Congress. Thanks. Jai Hind. Jai Congress. Vande Mataram.

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  • Congress for every state in coming election

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  • Let all political parties boycott elections till farmers reach their homes peacefuly.

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  • Solid bolte hee sir aap , desh ko jald hi samj aa jayegi aapki bhasa bas bolte rahe🙏🙏

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  • Cutiepie Rahul 🥰

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  • The beginning of new Era 👍🙏 good to see changes in democracy .

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  • Backchodi jitni karle par Assam gaya to phir 2024-2026 tak Bharat mukt Congress ho jayega.

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  • Baki sare news chainals ko samjhana Hoga BJP ki chmachagiri band kare aur Sahi reporting kare like this chainal 🙏

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  • Meri Rag Rag Mein Congress party hai aur Congress party Rahegi Congress party jindabad jindabad hai aur jindabad Rahegi.....🙏🙏🙏❣️❣️❤💓💖💖

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  • Real leader Rahul Gandhi......🙏 next PM Rahul Gandhi .......jindabad Congress Party jindabad

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  • What a question it's like an arrow. I like that, and the way you defending your thoughts. Cool I think I don't have more time but my support will be there for you 👍

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  • Real leader and great leader

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  • Jai congress jai revanth Reddy 💪💪💪💪

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  • Pappu

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  • wow wow wow my leader our leader :)

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  • Rahul ji you are so thinking about India future .you don't back step,we stand with you.go head.

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  • If you vote BJP. India will destroy completely.

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  • Promise only to save our country by congress.pls vote for Congress.

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  • Sir please please Rahul gandhi shaib evm ko band Karvahoo please Rahul gandhi shaib evm ko pura band karvahoo please addlat sai apeel darj Karo tab ja Kai dash Bach Pai ga evm band Karo evm band Karo evm band Karo

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  • Rahul is genuine and fake like Fuckeer

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  • I guess , you should visit the places after Feku has visited for a rally and reveal all the fakeness, jumla and counter all the lies with truth

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  • skipped clause 6 issue .😇😇😇😇.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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  • Love from karbi Anglong ♥️

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  • Rahul gandhi jindabad

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  • Rahul Gandhi 2nd pm.

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  • Rahul गांधी वास्तव में देश को आपकी जरूरत है

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  • Rahul gandhi zindabdh

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  • Good job rahul we are with you

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  • jai congres

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  • Rahul Gandhi is next pm

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  • Go back Modi in Tamil Nadu trending top most.

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  • what balance ,you have to bring yourself to the terms , you are aggressive and not able to listen ,. TO ME THE BOTTOM LINE IS FIRST VOTE US THEN WE WILL MOVE FORWARD

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  • then why is there unemployment

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  • you dont want Ambani, or adani , where are you coming to put fund in

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  • explain economic don't go round and round, come to the fact

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  • what machine , put potato and get gold from other side , where are you going to buy machine from

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  • if it is union why don't you let B J P work on it

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  • all lies , you are a geezer, what gerentee ,he does not even trust your self how can you bring law like that

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  • Kyu Nahi aye northeast

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  • Congress party's hate against Hindus will not give you or your party anything.

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  • Rahul Gandhi next prime minister of India 2024

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  • 8:53 he is right that he said "chalani aati hi nhi" that is main problem

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  • Rahul Gandhi ak bin iss desh ke sabse acche Pm banege

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  • Women association leading like that nga

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  • Politics i am intetested nga in a small scale nga

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  • Godss grace all ok nga

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  • I realised what is right and wrong nga

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  • your wish nga!!!

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